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RE: Nas - bronx88 - 31-10-2014

Kozacki jest ten track. Świetny bit, klasyczny vibe.

RE: Nas - StayTrue - 22-11-2014

Jedynka była bardzo fajna. Pora na część drugą Smile Szkoda, że nie ma w ogóle Lei-an, przyjemnie się jej słuchało.
Cytat:2014 being Nas' 20th year anniversary of Illmatic -, Funky DL sets the tone again by releasing 'Jazzmatic 2', with a new collection of 1940's nostalgic and jazz-esque remixes of Nas classics.

If there was ever any doubt that Funky DL could produce hip-hop for the finest rapper's to ever walk the planet, that doubt ends here...

Jazzmatic 2 is yet again another demonstration of Funky DL's hip-hop pedigree coming to light. The musical aim was never to mirror the original versions, but to instead capture a twist in direction and ignite the imagination of the listener with musical insight.

The album exposes what these Nas classics may have sounded like if time travel were possible. Nas doing a special set of alernative takes of his famous catalogue with some of the greatest jazz musicians available over solid hip-hop grooves may before have been something that had never taken place, but due to the creativity of London's finest hip-hop producer, it is here in stereo and for everyone's enjoyment. And Jazzmatic 2 intends that the enjoyment is for certain... and for keeps.

[Obrazek: a1526635407_2.jpg]

1. 2nd Childhood
2. The World Is Yours
3. Nas Is Like
4. No Idea's Original
5. Revolutionary Warfare featuring Lake
6. The Cross
7. I Can
8. U Gotta Love It
9. Black Zombie
10. One Mic
11. Outro
12. [BONUS FUNKY DL TRACK] Cut From The Illest
13. [BONUS FUNKY DL TRACK] Eye of a Needle featuring Ricko and Dyanna Fearon
14. [BONUS TRACK] Eye of a Needle (Ricko's Revenge Remix)

Do pobrania za darmo - https://funkydl.bandcamp.com/album/jazzmatic-2-nas-remixes

RE: Nas - UncleWhiteNigga - 12-01-2015

Nas ma zajebisty wokal

RE: Nas - dpg4life - 13-01-2015

RE: Nas - bronx88 - 15-01-2015

Numer wart uwagi, spoko klip.

RE: Nas - goly - 04-02-2015

Nas wystąpił na feat u Madonny


RE: Nas - StayTrue - 17-10-2015

Dave East - Forbes List feat. Nas

RE: Nas - bronx88 - 17-10-2015

RE: Nas - dpg4life - 11-01-2016


RE: Nas - StayTrue - 02-02-2016